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Expositionem svper Ysaiam

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Expositionem svper Ysaiam

Verfasser: Andreas, de Sancto Victore
Erscheinungsort: Turnhout
Verlag: Brepols
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Umfang: LXVIII, 353 Seiten
ISBN: 9782503589831
Schlagwort: Bibel / Jesaja / Exegese / Geschichte 1150
Andreae de Sancto Victore opera :   Alle Einzelbände
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Titel:Expositionem svper Ysaiam
Titel:Expositio super Ysaiam
Weitere Titel:Expositio super Ysaiam
Weitere Titel:Expositionem super Ysaiam
Von:edidit Franciscus A. van Liere
...:de Sancto Victore
Verfasser:Andreas, de Sancto Victore
Beteiligte Person:Liere, Franciscus A. ˜vanœ
Umfang:LXVIII, 353 Seiten
Sprache:lat eng
Reihe:Andreae de Sancto Victore opera
Reihe:Corpvs Christianorvm
Band:53 C
Fußnote:Text lateinisch, Einleitung englisch
Abstract:Andrew of Saint Victor was one of the most prominent biblical scholars of the twelfth century. He was a regular canon of the Parisian abbey of St Victor, founded in 1108, which in the twelfth century had developed into a prestigious center of spiritual learning, closely connected to the nascent university in Paris. Because of his frequent use of Jewish exegetical materials, Andrew's commentaries are a rich source for the history both of biblical hermeneutics and of inter-religious dialogue during the Middle Ages. His Isaiah commentary caused outrage among medieval Christian scholars because it eschewed traditional christological interpretations, and instead offered a reading "secundum Hebraeos." Scholars have seen Andrew of St Victor as standing at the cradle of a scholarly interest in the Biblical text, which influenced scholars such as the fourteenth-century Franciscan Nicholas of Lyra, and, in the long run, reformers such as John Wycliff, Martin Luther, and John Calvin.
Schlagwort:Bibel / Jesaja / Exegese / Geschichte 1150
RVK-Notation:BO 1160
RVK-Notation:BO 1165
RVK-Notation:BO 1160
RVK-Notation:BO 1165
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ID Verbundkatalog:BV047286488